• October 1995

    To respond to the need for quality and productivity in laboratories, the company TELLAC Applications was founded : its objective was to produce the ideal LIMS for the market. The first modules (equipment management, and procedure and skills management) were launched in 1996. Initially the QUALI'MS Suite was distributed by MERCK S.A. under the name DaLAN'. Due to a company reorganisation, MERCK S.A. ceased distributing the QUALI'MS suite in 1999.

  • 2001

    TELLAC Applications joined the APILOG Automation group, one of the market leaders in the industrial and scientific I.T. market in France. Initially the software was distributed under the name TELLAC'Suite since 2001, we have been using the name QUALI'MS, uniting Quality and LIMS (Quality Management System).
    Due to the intensity of traceability constraints, the clientele for QUALI'MS Suite has grown considerably. To begin with, the sector concerned was essentially the pharmaceutical industry. Nowadays, the cosmetic industry, the chemical industry, the food industry, the nuclear power industry and many other trades are concerned. New modules have appeared and now offer a total of 5 modules. Each module covers a specific field of application. Used altogether, they cover practically all operational needs of a laboratory.

  • 2004

    The company WOutils Informatique, made up of the initial core software development team, started the legal process to buy over the rights to redevelop the QUALI'MS Suite this has now been accomplished.
    Today, QUALI'MS has convinced over 150 companies and 1800 users to use the QUALI'MS Suite on a daily basis.

  • 2007

    Two major events took place : we set up an office in the United Kingdom and WOutils Informatique SARL took on the name of its software to become QUALIMS
    QUALIMS LIMITED was created in Scotland

  • 2008

    QUALIMS joined forces with the company SOTAX. This partnership started with SOTAX taking out a minor share in QUALIMS. The two companies aim to work closely together as from January 2009.